SEC modernization packages offers a faster and more adaptable solution for gradually improving older elevators. Based on specially developed components and using rapid installation techniques, each module improves on one or more aspects of the elevator safety, reliability, comfort, appearance, accessibility and communication.


SEC electronics E type system is the ultimate high-performance electrification solution for the most demanding applications. It offers a unique combination of intelligence, speed, ride comfort, reliability, safety and enery efficiency.

E type provides the following:

  • elevator groups of up to 8 cars
  • speed up to 4 m/s
  • floors up to 48
  • floor leveling accuracy 3 mm
  • connection to any existing doors (automatic or manual) • connection to any existing motor (DC, AC or gearless)
  • connection to any existing indicators


  • state of the art electronics
  • shorter waiting and travel times
  • increased safety
  • increased comfort
  • better floor leveling
  • shorter maximum waiting times


SEC new range of signalization solutions will immediately refresh the passenger interfaces inside your car and at the entrances. They are designed to provide improved access for passengers with different disabilities, and include features such as tactile push buttons, voice announcers and TFT multi colour displays.


  • improved appearance
  • easy to operate
  • esthetically pleasing
  • durable and long lasting


The environmentally friendly, energy efficient geared or gearless motors provide solutions for any modernization package. This motors offers lower energy consumption, improved ride quality, reduced demands on building space and load and greater reliability.


  • space saving
  • increased energy efficiency
  • environment friendly operation
  • improved ride quality
  • increased safety


Doors take up a surprising amount of time needed for each single elevator trip. High performance doors are therefore a critical method for saving time and increasing the capacity of your elevator system.


  • improved performance, safety and reliability
  • modern appearance
  • modular solutions for all modernization applications


SEC offers a range of factory finishes, lightning and signalization solutions. We also offer full bespoke options to ensure your elevator modernization fully matches your architectural requirements.

You can choose any combination of walls and doors or, alternatively, use materials and colors, lighting of your own choice for a unique design.


  • modern design to t your needs
  • a wide selection of aesthetic choices
  • more comfort (for example, handrails, mirror, lighting)


In old traction elevators, the hazard of ascending over speed of the car is always present. This can cause injuries on passengers because of the bouncing of the car at the moment where the descending counter-weight lands onto the buffer. This possibility can be eliminated with:

  • replacement of old car frame with new equipped with bidirectional safety gear device
  • installation of special rope brake
  • installation of new drive with brake on the main shaft

In all cases it is obligatory to install new double acting over speed governor.


  • increased safety