Machine room solutions

Vertical E

Electric traction elevators for duty load up to 5000 kg and speed up to 1,6 m/s are available upon request.


Electric elevators for high rise and high speed

TITAN is our elevator program for mid- and high-rise markets worldwide. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications up to 150 m rise. Titan offers you the performance of a customized elevator and a variety of designs. Many optional solutions increase performance of complete system:

Intelligent dispatching

SEC have powerful control system based on a simple principle: to bring passengers to their destinations sooner, with less crowding and more comfort than any conventional elevator system. When an elevator is called, group control knows how many people are behind the call and what each passenger’s destination is. This way group control reduces passenger’s journey time during up-peak traffic and eliminates crowding during heavy traffic.

Precise performance

Perfect ride is acheved by multiple closed loop systems which constantly monitor car’s performance, measuring every aspect against predeterminated standards and correcting the slightest deviation within milliseconds.

Intelligent door

To increase passenger safety and to reduce door opening time special dimensional entrance protection system can be used. This system creates an invisible safety net across the elevator entrance and also extends into the hallway. The microprocessor controller continually scans for interrupted beams and reopens the door without coming into contact with the passenger.