Machine room less (MRL) solutions


TELESTO machine room less elevator (MRL) is optimal price/performance system which gives maximal results for a minimal price. Geared machine is always positioned at the top of the shaft. Solution with 1:1 roping system can achieve up to 1 m/s speed and 6 0 kg duty load. This solution is designed in order to make price effective simple product for all standard cases. However solution with :1 roping system offer speed up to 1,6 m/s and 1600 kg duty load or more. This solution gives all advantages of machine room less elevator at still very acceptable price.

The advantage of solution with 1:1 roping system and cantilever sling is the possibility to design elevators with up to three entrances in the cabin or three side panoramic elevators.



CALYPSO machine room less elevator (MRL) is driven by permanent magnet gearless synchronous motor according to SEC technical speci cations. This machine is the latest development in permanent magnets synchronous traction motors technology for the lifts. This lift is designed as 2:1 roping system.

CALYPSO has E-type serial control system which is partly located on top of the car and mainly in the control panel situated in the side wall next to the top landing door. This advanced technology also helps to save space and to simplify maintenance and service.


Type 1

SEC introduces the TETHYS, a machine room less (MRL) solution incorporating the highest technological performance in the lift industry. TETHYS is a machine room less lift with permanent magnet gearless syncronous motor.

It works without any type of vibration or noise, ensuring an ultimately silent, comfortable and smooth performance.

Type 2

SKATHI – New member of SEC family lifts is specially designed for installation in narrow spaces. SKATHI is an ideal lift for modernization projects in existing buildings due to its reduced pit and reduced headroom. SKATHI SEC lift can be installed as MRL (machine room less) lift or MR (machine room) lift, taking advantage of existing MR in cases of modernization or replacement. As a result of SKATHI’s unique concept we can optimize the space and offer maximal cabin dimensions. Moreover, SKATHI’s distinctive flexibility allows for double or triple entrances. Energy efficient gearless synchronous motor is characterized with minimal power consumption. In some cases, it is also possible to have single-phase supply.

SKATHI comes in all possible cabin designs together with complete electrical options such as TFT displays, voice announcers etc.