The success of Tethis is the result of hard working professionals who dedicate their time and knowledge to produce high quality products from concept to completion. Shaping their ideas in innovative solutions. The whole Tethis team plays a crucial part in shaping their thoughts and new ideas. Each member of the team takes great care of our elevators they represent and the safety of members of the public who use Tethis lifts on daily bases.

TETHIS can offers a wide range of products from passenger lifts, home lifts, goods lifts, service lifts to escalators and luxury panoramic elevators. We are specialized in producing non standard lifts and lifts suitable for hospitals and nursery homes, which can be fire-fighting lift, vandal resisted and comply with all other standards which are required in those buildings. Our passenger lifts are specially made for hotels, shopping centres, office buildings and all other commercial buildings.

We are specialized in producing non-standard lifts taking into account your specific wishes and requirements ranging from different cabin height, door height, cabin finish, pit /shaft/cabin dimensions, different speed, roping, etc., which is why we can optimally use the space we are given.

TETHIS goods lifts are designed to care very high loads up to 10.000 kg. Hydraulic goods lift  with 2:1 roping can be used as vehicle/car lift or as a heavy duty goods lift in conventional centres to move the material efficiently. Our goods lift can handle any job, where high capacity lifts are needed.

If you need a lift built in a very compact space or you are working on modernization or replacement of already existing lift, we can offer you the solution for you specific needs taking advantage of its non-standards lift production.

Every elevator system and component we produce has the TETHIS seal of approval. All systems are 100% pre-tested and pre adjusted to ensure smooth and accurate installations. Each system has to pass a series of rugged tests, before we ship them.

If it meets our high quality standards, we are confident it will exceed yours.


1967 founded a workshop for manufacturing assembly and service lifts

1991 production of the first microprocessor-based control system for elevators

1995 purchase and opening of 350 m2 of control systems production in Neverke

1996 beginning of the export of control systems for elevators

2003 beginning of the export of complete lifts

2004 purchase and the opening of 2,000 m2 of warehouse and production Ilirska Bistrica

2005 relocation of management, development and commercial to Ljubljana

2010 purchase 500 m2 of office space in Ljubljana and the relocation of management

2011 purchase and opening of 10,000 m2 of production and warehouse Bač

2016 company SEC was restructured, changed ownership and reestablished production as TETHIS d.o.o.